Why You Should be Putting (Quality) Oils on Your Face

There are some skincare trends we can understandably be wary of (snail mucus? Pepto Bismol face mask? People do some weird shit in the name of beauty). But I’m here to talk about one trend that you have probably heard of, but may still feel skeptical about: face oils.
First things first, if you have oily/acne-prone skin, you don’t need to roll your eyes and close your browser – this post is for you too! It’s actually for all skin types. Because for how popular face oils have become, they truly live up to the hype.
I was a fence-rider on face oils for awhile. I asked all the questions and had all the skepticism (you want me to put oil ON my face?? Isn’t that what I want to avoid? Aren’t I going to breakout? Look greasy?). The answers, by the way are yes, no, no, and no, respectively. I finally caved and gave face oils a try and holy moly – my only regret was that I hadn’t done it sooner. After just a couple of days, my face felt smoother, cleaner, and more ‘glowy’ than it had, maybe ever.
Now you may be thinking ‘alright Amy, you’ve peaked my interest and made me less hesitant, but I have no idea where to start.’ Well, you just get comfy and keep reading, because I’m about to nerd out about oils and you’ll leave here feeling armed with knowledge and ready to slather your face.
Let’s talk about the why before we talk about the how and the what. Why use oil on your face? Well for starters, because it helps your skin maintain youthfulness. Quality face oils are packed with antioxidants (which help limit free radicals and reduce the signs of aging), nutrients, and fatty acids (which aid in strengthening the skin’s protective barrier – basically your first line of defense – from environmental stressors). All good things.
Face oils also absorb into the skin without feeling greasy. They give a silky, soft, smooth feel, but not like you just rubbed your face onto a frying pan. As Linda Rodin, founder of luxury oil company Olio Lusso (and just all-around effortlessly beautiful woman. Seriously, I’ll have whatever she’s having, thanks.) told Into the Gloss, ‘…it just makes your skin the best it can be naturally. When you put it on, in French it’s called ‘bien-être’ which means a sense of well-being. It feels good, it smells good and you feel kind of dewy. Not greasy, not shiny, just kind of alive. And also over time, your skin really improves.’ This woman doesn’t even wear any makeup anymore because of how great her skin looks. Come on.
Lastly, it feels luxurious. Don’t discount the decadence factor. Face oil is to your skin like strappy heels are to your feet; you just feel sexy. Putting something beautiful and clean on my face makes me feel like I have my life together, even if I’m still wearing yoga pants with unbrushed hair at 1:00 in the afternoon.

Now for the how. There are many ways to use oils on your face, and we’re going to break down a few of them here:
As a cleanser. Alexis Krauss, co-editor of the clean beauty blog, Beauty Lies Truth says this about the method: ‘The idea behind the oil cleansing method is that Oil Dissolves Oil.  You “wash” your face with natural, healthy oils to break up and wash away the dirty, icky oils. All of those cleansers and toners you’ve used in the past were simply stripping your skin of these naturally occurring oils. This is why your skin feels “squeaky clean” after you wash it. This isn’t natural! Your skin NEEDS oil! This harsh cleansing technique strips your skin of necessary oils, and in an effort to re-balance itself, your skin actually produces MORE oil!’ So the old adage of ‘like absorbs like’ is true – your skin requires oil, so remove the bad kind while leaving the good.
As a moisturizer (or an added boost of hydration to your moisturizer). A couple of drops will do it, and leave your face feeling hydrated and calm.
As an addition to foundation. Similar to moisturizer, you can also add a couple of drops to your foundation to get that ‘dewy’ look that all those hot supermodels seem to roll out of bed with (ps they probably use face oils).
As a makeup remover. Takes off layers of foundation, concealer, bronzer, or yep – even mascara like a champ. Just apply oil and gently massage, then wipe clean with a warm, wet washcloth.

Ok, so now you feel like the face oil queen of the land with all of your wisdom about your new-found skincare addition. Only thing left is the ‘what.’
There are a lot of face oils on the market, and like most things, not all are created equal. You want to buy from a reputable brand, with minimal ingredients (ideally, you really don’t need more than just the oils themselves, but if there are additional ingredients, they need to provide benefit and be clean). Often times (but not every time), this will mean you’ll be looking at a bit of a higher price point, but (you will read this repeatedly on this blog) your skin is an investment, and you get what you pay for. Typically, if something is cheap, it’s because it’s cheaply made, and your face is far too gorgeous to be putting that nonsense on it. So prioritize and figure out what you can make work with your budget (remember that when you buy higher quality products, they tend to last much longer giving you more bang for your buck).
Here are a few of my favorites:
Beautycounter No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil. I use this almost every day in my skincare routine. It is a game changer.
Spinster Sisters Face Serum. A little on the heavier side (extra great for you babes with skin that tends to be dry!), so I’d recommend using sparingly and only at night. But it’s so luxurious.
Kypris Beauty Elixir II. High price point, but this bottle is jam-packed with the absolute best ingredients.
Now go get your oil on and glow like the goddess you are.

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