Kids and Essential Oils

Let’s chat about kids and oils. A lot of people are really excited about the idea of using essential oils to support the various things that come up with kids, but at the same time hesitate to dive in because there is a lot to learn and understand about the “how.” But if that’s you, I’m here with great news – I was right there with you once, and after taking the leap, I learned that using oils to help support a healthy lifestyle for children can be simple and safe, and so beneficial!
The most important thing about using oils with kids is to do it safely. Since kids have more sensitive skin than adults, and oils are potent, diluting oils before applying topically is very important. Oils should be diluted in a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, before applying to children’s skin. A general rule of thumb is to dilute as follows:
    • Babies:  1 drop per tablespoon (0.3% dilution)
    • Children: 1 drop per teaspoon (1% dilution)
  • Adults:  3 – 6 drops per teaspoon (2 – 4% dilution)
You can always adjust as needed if you aren’t seeing the desired results, but this is a good place to start. You can also click here to check out a handy “recommended ideal amounts” chart doTERRA provides. And once you’ve diluted the oils, a couple of great places to apply oils topically for children are the bottoms of their feet and spine.
doTERRA also has a whole line of Touch oils that are already diluted, which takes any guesswork out of the equation! I love the Touch line and use them frequently on my kids. doTERRA also provides TONS of info about using oils safely, so a quick visit to their website will clear up any questions you might run into. And diffusing oils is of course always safe and wonderful for any age! This is a great way to get benefits of oils safely.
Once you feel confident in your knowledge, get started integrating oils into your family’s daily routine! Starting with a few oils always makes the process less overwhelming, so I thought I would narrow it down and give you my top three favorite oils I use on my kids every day.

    • On Guard: We just can’t have too much On Guard in our lives. On Guard Touch gets rolled on our kids’ feet every morning before school, and a lot of times in the evening before bed as well! We are all about prevention when it comes to health, and On Guard is a key to avoiding the ickies that we are bound to come in contact with. That’s why we use On Guard Touch every day – not to mention the foaming hand wash we have at every sink, the sanitizing mist that comes with us everywhere, the cleaner concentrate we use all over our home, and the On Guard that gets diffused all the time. We are in love! And we have literally never been healthier.
    • Frankincense Touch: I like to apply this oil on the bottoms of my kids’ feet pretty much every day. I usually apply either in the morning with On Guard, or later in the evening as the day is winding down. The benefits of Frankincense are far reaching. It’s wonderful for immune support and also great for mood – it has a calming and balancing effect that can be very helpful in those inevitable moments of crazy. This is an oil I don’t want to be without…ever!
  • Lavender: This is our tried and true bedtime oil. We always apply Lavender Touch before bed on the bottoms of our kids’ feet – we can tell a difference in the whole bedtime experience if we miss it. For real. We also love to diffuse Lavender or Serenity (a lot of times mixed with Balance – another fave for use with kids!) every night as we prepare to wind down. And we love to make a simple linen spray with a few drops Lavender or Serenity to spritz on sheets and pillows for an extra dose of calm. Lavender is our bedtime must have!
Our family has been using oils for quite a while now, and it’s the best feeling to watch our kids learn about natural ways to take care of needs that arise. I’m so thankful that they are growing up with these natural solutions that have so many positive benefits in their lives, and learning at such a young age that it’s important to take control of their own health and wellness! My five year old daughter even loves to come up with different diffuser blends – her current favorite is Lavender and Wild Orange.

Oils have been a game changer for our entire fam, and we are so glad they’re in our lives. If you want to know more, you can always get in touch, and if you’re ready to get started, this is a good place to begin!

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