Iced Vanilla Maca Cashew Milk Latte

Coffee is hands-down my favorite part of the morning. It hits every sense; the smell of the brew, the familiar sound of the coffee maker, the dark golden brown pour, the weighty feel of the mug, the taste. Omg. Earthy, creamy (I can’t drink it black, I’ve tried), a little bitter, mostly smooth. It’s all working for me. Maybe just as important, is the ritual that coffee brings. It’s ushering in the start of a new day, and nudging you into gear, but doing it gently, so you have time to adjust to sunlight and opening your eyes and the whole being awake thing.

Ok yeah, I love coffee. You get it. I haven’t really met a coffee drink I don’t like (unless it’s too sugary or too bitter – I’m kind of like Goldilocks here). I usually prefer it hot and simple – with just a little nondairy creamer, but I tried a blackberry mocha last weekend, and have a love affair with matcha latte every now and then (not coffee, but like it’s cousin) so I do get adventurous on occasion. I also live in Florida, so it’s almost impossible not to enjoy it over ice at least eight months out of the year. Here we go. You knew I’d get to the point of the post eventually. 😉

I can pour store-bought coconut/almond creamer into my coffee, add ice, and drink. And I do! And it’s good! But sometimes, I want to give my coffee a little more love, ya know? Treat it with the respect and effort it deserves. So I make this recipe.

You’ve read a previous post here about homemade almond milk (or if you haven’t, do it!), so you’ll see some similar techniques for this one.

Add enough filtered water to a medium-size pot to cover the cashews*, and bring it to an almost-boil. Add in cashews, and let them ‘quick soak’ for 15-20 minutes.

While cashews are soaking, add pre-brewed and chilled coffee, dates, vanilla, and maca powder to a high-powered blender. Then, strain soaked cashews, and add to blender.

Blend on high for about 1 minute. Strain contents of blender through a nut milk bag (we’ve been here before , so you know the drill) – be sure to have a bowl underneath the bag to catch the cashew coffee milk blend.

Pour over ice. So. Easy. And. So. Good. (You’ll have two drinks from this, so if you need to, store one in a glass jar with a lid in the refrigerator and drink within a couple of days).

Brb. Going to make this right now. Enjoy!

Iced Vanilla Maca Cashew Milk Latte Ingredients:
Yield: makes approximately two 16 oz drinks

8 C fresh brewed organic black coffee (if making coffee at home, be sure to chill in refrigerator for a couple of hours before making this)
2 C organic raw cashews, quick soaked
8-10 organic medjool dates, pitted
2 t organic vanilla extract
2 t organic maca powder
(*this recipe – like most on our site – is super versatile. Try this using another nut like almond (you will have to soak them longer) or walnut, and get original with the add-ins! You could try cinnamon and nutmeg for a holiday-ish feel, or even a little cacao powder and peppermint extract. Do you, and be creative!)

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