Get Some Shut Eye: Oils for Sleep

It’s no secret that people function better when they’ve had a good night’s sleep. From infants to adults, in my experience, folks get cranky when they’re tired. And I’m certainly no exception. I have this bad habit of staying up late to get ‘me time’ when my kids are asleep (you feel me, parents?) It’s nothing crazy – my ‘me time’ is like when I can sit on the couch to read a book without someone climbing on my head, or asking for a snack 2.5 seconds after I sit down…that kind of thing. But sometimes I overdo it, and I let my ‘me time’ last until hours that should only be reserved for ‘sleep time.’ When this happens, all sorts of things go awry, including my default mood the next day.

People that have the same issue as me – voluntary sleepiness – have a pretty simple solution to getting the rest they need: self discipline. Just make the choice to go to bed at a reasonable hour and you’re good to go. However, there are also plenty of people out there that would love to fall right to sleep at an appropriate hour, but sleep is not coming willingly. I’ve also been on this side of the coin. I have a hard time shutting my brain off sometimes, which makes it difficult to catch those z’s.

This is where our beloved essential oils come into play. Since rest plays such a critical role in our lives, we’ve got to figure out how to get enough of it. There is so much that stands to benefit from adequate rest – our mood, health, and brain function, for example. So when we need extra help getting it, and counting sheep isn’t doing the trick, it’s a no brainer for me to turn to a natural solution that will have positive benefits on my body while helping me relax.

I like lists to help me visualize, so I’ve made one below with my favorite oils for sleep and relaxation, along with how I use them.
    • doTERRA Serenity – all time fave. Diffuse it about an hour before bedtime, apply to feet and/or wrists, and breathe deeply, and if you’d like, make a linen spray with a few drops of Serenity and water and spritz on sheets and pillows throughout your home. *Serenity Softgels are also great for adults who need extra help sleeping.
    • doTERRA Breathe – pairs wonderfully with Lavender or Serenity in the diffuser. Dilute and apply for open airways before bed.
    • Juniper Berry – great for dropping into a relaxing epsom salt bath before bedtime
    • Vetiver – apply topically or adults can take internally to experience soothing benefits
    • Lavender – a favorite for diffusing and applying topically to children and adults to help with calming and relaxing. We roll Lavender Touch on our kids’ feet each night before bed to help them get into the zone. It has become a sweet and familiar routine that they love.
    • doTERRA Balance – this grounding blend pairs well with Serenity in the diffuser to help wind down after a busy day.
  • Bergamot – with compounds that have well-known relaxing properties, Bergamot can be taken internally (put a couple drops in a warm herbal tea) or diffused to help create a soothing environment.

While these are a few of my favorite tried and true oils for calming down, there are others out there that are wonderful as well. If you have a favorite oil for sleep, share it below! And if you want to try any of these beauties, you can find them here.
Take some time to create your perfect recipe for catching those z’s this evening so you can take advantage of all the good stuff sleep has to offer!

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