Feature Friday: DIY Bird Feeder

What’s better than finding a creative way to reduce, reuse, recycle + make some new feathered friends + have fun with a few cute little humans? Not much, you say? Then you’re in the right place. You need this owl bird feeder in your life as much as we did.
Best news about this project – if you have even the most basic of crafting supplies, most of the required materials are most likely already in your house! Check out the list below for what you’ll need.
    • Drink container (we used one orange juice and two cashew milk cartons)
    • Non-toxic craft or acrylic paint
    • Paintbrush or foam brush
    • Stick (literally found in our yard)
    • Sharp knife
    • Scissors
    • Glue
  • Any additional adornments your crafters may want (we used buttons, stickers, and gems – our crafters are ‘extra’) 😉

I’ll run through our process below – this project is simple and fun, and requires only a little adult assistance!

We started by using a sharp knife (no specific kind here, literally any sharp knife will do) to cut the “tummy” out. (Don’t throw the section you cut away!)

Once that was complete, we let our little artists paint their cartons. If you really want to cover well, you’ll need two to three coats of paint, but our artists were not particularly interested in sitting around to wait for paint to dry, so we moved on after one. 😉

Next, we used the sections we cut out to fashion eyes and beaks for the owls. This part is fun for kids that are able to use scissors, and if you opted for buttons, they can make a cute addition to the eyes.

Once we glued on the eyeballs and beak, we moved on to the bling – gems, buttons, and stickers galore. (Obviously, this part is optional – only necessary if you want a fancy owl.)

After that we moved our party out into the yard to collect a couple of little sticks, then cut a small slit underneath the tummy on each owl and glued the sticks in.

Once our sticks were secure, we cut two slits on each side for the wings and added some birdseed! All that’s lefts is to punch a hole in the top, hang from a tree and check out the happy birds that come to visit. 🙂

*We’ve found that hands on projects like this are some of the best ways to have meaningful conversations with our little ones! During this craft, we talked about why it’s important to recycle and reuse things instead of throwing them away. We’re always amazed at how quickly our kids learn, especially through doing. 🙂

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