Every Day Skincare & Makeup Routine

I approach my daily skincare and makeup regimen much like I approach recipes in the kitchen; I want something that looks and feels like I put in some work, without all the exertion and effort. It’s not that I’m lazy, I just prefer to work smarter instead of harder. Simplicity is the name of the game with my makeup bag – minimal products, but quality is everything. If I’m not going to use a lot of different things, I need the things I do use to really be able to do their thing. And last awhile – part of that whole ‘working smarter’ and ‘low maintenance’ attitude.

Let’s cover skincare first, because that goes on before makeup. Much like my nighttime routine, I like products with a purpose and/or that solve a problem. I have carefully curated my ‘holy grails’ over the years, and have a few that bounce around my lineup. Here are the staples:
Beautycounter No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil: This product. You guys. I will sing it’s praises for as long as it continues to make my skin look like it’s radiating sunshine. And it’s currently doing that plus some. This oil sinks into the skin (think: moisturizing, not at all greasy), giving me hydration and glow and ‘dew’ and way more confidence than I should probably have in public. I’ve been using it for about a year now, and I’m amazed at how much it continues to improve my skin’s appearance and texture – minimizing fine lines and environmental damage. Bonus: smells like a fresh piece of citrus. Bonus, bonus: a little goes a long way. I use 3 drops per day, every day, so one bottle lasts me about six-ish months. How I use it: (quick preface: I know there are a lot of differing opinions about how/when oils should be used and if they should be paired with moisturizer, etc. but I’m just going to tell you about how I do it because it’s what works for me. Experience is my best friend in life.) In the morning, I wash my face and pat dry. I then apply 3 drops to my hands, rub together, then all over my face and neck.
Osmia Purely Simple Face Cream: My go-to. I typically use the oil above as a ‘moisturizer’ but sometimes I want something a little more cream, less oil, or an extra boost of hydration to my oil routine. That’s where this comes in. I love this cream because it is specially formulated for sensitive skin, and it really means it. Osmia paid close attention to detail and ingredients on this one, and their inclusion of things like aloe and lightweight oils hits the mark for faces that need a little extra consideration. My skin doesn’t every really fully freak out, but it’s reactive to non-quality products so I can’t get away with anything that has questionable ingredients in it. How I use it: probably 1-2 times per week I will use this cream solo after washing my face in the morning (and sometimes at night!) or in combination with the Beautycounter oil. One small pump is plenty, and I apply it all over my face and neck. (Side note: not pictured on this post because I’m currently out. See? I really do use it.)
Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum: While I can (and do, occasionally) use this serum all over, I typically treat it as a eye/forehead day cream. Definitely a heavy hitter in my anti-aging roundup, this serum is creamy and smooth and totally lightweight, which makes it perfect to use all over or in isolated areas of need. How I use it: After applying oil and/or cream, I put one very small pump on my fingertips and apply gently under and around my eye area, in between my eyebrows (those damn 11’s) and on my forehead. I would be remiss to mention that it smells like a field of flowers, so extra points there.

On to makeup. (*It should be noted that I follow Amanda religiously, and I trust her opinion and expertise on all things ‘green beauty.’ Tons of products I use have come from her recommendations, so she’s a true wealth of knowledge about this subject!)

Hynt DUET Perfecting Concealer (I use shade medium): I’ve tried a lot of concealers in my day, and have a couple of favorites. However, none of them touch this recent purchase. I literally use the smallest amount, and I’m able to cover all areas of concern. I’m not a heavy foundation/concealer lover as I like my skin to be able to breathe, so this gives me just what I need under my eyes, and on any spot treatments without feeling thick. For having such great coverage, you would expect heaviness, but it is the complete opposite – totally lightweight. How I use it: I apply the tiniest, thin amount to my ring fingertip and lightly swipe onto areas of need – buff in as needed.
Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream (I’m BB4): I like a foundation that doesn’t really feel like a foundation. This one has all the lightness of a BB cream, but the coverage of foundation (not heavy – hope you’ve gathered that I’m not into cakey/weighty by this point). It also has SPF 25, which is a nice bonus. How I use it: a little goes a long way, so I squeeze less than a pea size amount onto my fingers and buff it into my face evenly.
Lily Lolo Pressed Bronzer (I use shade Miami Beach): I have to be honest – I like bronzer more than blush. Not like I wanted to be an extra on Jersey Shore or anything, but I feel like bronzer just works well with my natural skin color and gives me a little boost of ‘sun’ on my face. I will break out a little blush in the winter months, but I’m still a bronzer girl at heart. And I’m a bit of a bronzer snob too, so don’t give me anything that I have to layer on or makes me look glittery. I shouldn’t feel like a disco ball – that’s just a general life motto. This Lily Lolo bronzer checks all the boxes with it’s phenomenal application, matte finish, and natural color. How I use it: swipe the compact with a brush and apply 2-3 swipes on my cheekbones, forehead, chin, and neck (basically the areas that would normally get sunshine).
Brush on Block SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen: The decade I’m currently in has taught me the importance of sun protection, and I’m fully bought in to anything that helps me age gracefully. The idea of slathering another lotion onto my skin in addition to oil or moisturizer is pretty unappealing to me, so this transluscent powder has been a game changer. It comes in it’s own container (you just push the brush up and shake once to get the powder to come up), it’s so lightweight you wouldn’t even know it’s on, and (most importantly) it protects your skin without compromising on quality ingredients. How I use it: swipe brush all over my face, neck and chest before or after I apply bronzer.
Plume Nourish and Define Brow Pomade (I’m shade Ashy Daybreak): I’m probably going to do a whole blog post on eyebrows one day, because man – they are so important, but so confusing. So in 2018, we like thick, bold brows, but in 1998 we liked razor thin, so what’s a girl from late middle school ’98 to do 20 years later when her over-plucked brows are frowned upon? Asking for a friend. Thankfully there are remedies, products, tutorials, etc. Again, another post for another day. Today, we’ll just touch briefly on a product that helps my brows grow, and fill in any small patches that need some extra love. I like that Plume is a little waxy (for hold), but goes on super smooth and even. How I use it: with a small angled brush, I conservatively fill in patchy spots (a little bit at a time).
Mascara: The one thing I really haven’t found that I love. I currently use this one, and it’s pretty good, but still I’m on the hunt for my list checker (clean ingredients, adds volume, lengthening, won’t totally break the bank). I have a few that I still need to try, so stay tuned for updates on this one. Any tips, I’m all ears!

I swipe on a little lip balm, and out the door! Seriously so easy, but I always feel put together. Especially nice on days I’m wearing questionably clean yoga pants and swimming in dry shampoo.
(*None of the products on this post are sponsored – I just genuinely love everything mentioned. All opinions are my own.)

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