Create Your Own “Happy Chill” with Essential Oils

Heyyy August! Kicking off a brand new month, (even smack dab in the middle of the week like this one), always gives me a fresh feeling. It may not be as monumental as beginning a new year, but it’s still a good chance to reset and look at what’s coming up in our lives.

So why not get this particular month started with a way to up your chill game? Sounds like a plan to me, too. 😉

Around my house, August is “back to school month.” My husband is a PE teacher, I teach preschool, and my kids are entering Kindergarten and PreK-3. We literally ALL go back to school this month. This means we’re all also coming off a very relaxed summer schedule {heavy on the family fun time + light on the stress}, so if we aren’t careful, this is the month it can creep up on us in a hurry.

I’m sure we can all agree that anxiety and stress are usually unwelcome guests in our lives. They try to come hang when you don’t want them around, and you have to figure out creative ways to kick them out. Different methods work for different people, and it can certainly take more than one tactic to send them packing.

For me, I’ve found that a combination of regular exercise, visual planning tools, daily snuggle time with my munchkins, and the super simple essential oil roller recipe I’m about to share with you all are my power combo when things get crazy. (Oh, and coffee. Because I also have to be awake.)

So, since this little blend is one of my favorite ways to stay cool, calm and collected, let me tell you about it in case you find yourself looking for ways to de-stress. (Bonus: you’ll smell amazing too.)

The oils I use for this ‘Happy Chill’ blend (no happy pill needed) 😉 all have benefits that blend together perfectly and are great for helping with mood management. You can read more about each oil in this recipe by clicking on them below, and get them here if you need this in your life.
Here’s what you’ll need:
How to make it:
Drop the essential oils into the rollerball, fill the remainder with coconut oil, put the rollerball and lid on, and roll on your wrists, bottoms of your feet, neck, or wherever you choose.

Take a deep breath and get your zen on!
(P.S. how much of this do y’all think I had to roll on while taking the stacked bottle picture?!)
A couple notes:
*I like to apply in the morning as I prepare for the day, and if it’s going to be a crazy one, I’ll bring the roller in my purse and apply as needed!
*This blend is also great for kids that are anxious about starting school (or whatever!) For younger kiddos, only a drop of two of each oil is needed, and fill the rest of the bottle with coconut oil.
*If you have questions about essential oils, always feel free to contact me (the easiest way is to use the contact feature below) and ask! You can also check out my getting started guide for more info. 🙂
Now I’m going to go roll this on and I’ll send some peaceful feelings your way! Happy August. 🙂

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