Creamy Cashew Garlic Sauce (that you can put on pretty much anything)

I’m a ‘sauce’ person. Meaning, anything I’m eating that has sauce on it is mostly just a vehicle for the sauce itself. Tacos? Hot sauce. Carrots? Hummus. Chips? Salsa or guac. You get it. Sauce is my jam (not to be confused with actual jam, which is kind of a sauce and also my jam). This sauce is no exception (if you’re keeping track of how many times I say ‘sauce’ in this post, we’re up to 8 and this is only the intro). It’s creamy, it’s ‘cheesy’ (without any actual cheese), it’s garlicky, and it’s super healthy. You’ll be questioning that last part when you taste it. Super healthy things aren’t supposed to taste like this.

Bonus points: this recipe can be used on almost anything – mac and cheese, as a dip, as a vegan version of ‘alfredo’, or (if you share my three-year-old’s preference) just lick it straight off your plate.

For this particular meal, I drizzled it over sweet potato noodles and my husband said ‘as a person of Italian descent, I approve of this pasta alternative.’ So now that the self-proclaimed Italian food authority has placed his stamp of approval on this recipe, I suppose I can share it with you guys.

Soak cashews at least 8 hours, or, if you’re pressed for time (like I usually am), ‘quick soak’ them by adding them to very hot (almost boiling, but not quite) water for 15 minutes. Drain and rinse well.

Throw all of the ingredients in a high-powered blender or food processor and blend on high for 1 minute. Scrape sides with spatula and add more water if needed to thin (start with just a small amount!). Blend again for 1 minute, or until consistency is smooth-ish (it will still have a bit of texture to it, but should be pourable).

That’s it! Super easy, crazy healthy. Pour, dip, lick – whatever your style, enjoy!
1 1/4 C raw, unsalted cashews, soaked or ‘quick soaked’
4-5 raw garlic cloves (my motto is that you can never have too much garlic)
3 T of nutritional yeast (I use this brand)
1 lemon, squeezed
Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt (to taste – start with 1 t)
2 t hemp seeds (optional)
1 C of hot filtered water (plus more for soaking – enough to cover cashews)

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