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We should probably start by clarifying who we’re NOT before we tell you a bit more about who we are. We aren’t gurus, doctors, or the authority on any of the topics we write about. We aren’t keyboarded warriors, superior, or judgmental. We aren’t here to point fingers or force our value set on anyone else.

We ARE regular people with passion and curiosity. We are down-to-earth women, moms, sisters, and friends with a genuine desire to learn, grow, connect, and share that knowledge with others.

Greater Good Garden is a culmination of what we’re into; health, wellness, travel, home life, and all of the in between. Our hope is that GGG will be a place that feels warm and friendly, approachable and authentic. We promise to pack this site full of info, ideas, and personal experiences that will help you live your best, healthiest, happiest life. Come in open-minded, leave inspired. And go make the world better.

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