8 Fitness Apps to Get You Moving

Some of us are ‘gym people’ and some of us are ‘home workout’ people (and a few of us may be ‘I walked to the mailbox and that was my exercise for the day’ people, and that’s just fine. You do you).
I’d consider myself to be a blend of both ‘gym’ and ‘home workout.’ I’ve discovered a love for Orangetheory Fitness, so I physically go to a gym 3-4 days per week. The leftover days, I still want to move my body, but without all the driving and showing up and wearing clothes that match and commitment factor. I have a little home gym setup (in the garage…in Florida. So it also kinda doubles as a sauna most of the year.) with some equipment and space. But to be honest, I struggle with coming up with my own creative workouts (this is probably why I’m drawn to OTF; the coach leads the workout and I basically just have to follow instructions). I never know what exercises I should pair together, and do I really need to do squats? Am I going to have to keep count of all these rounds and reps? And if I do lunges how can I make them suck less? By the end of the mental tennis match, I’m over it and I just want to walk back inside and eat a bag of chips and watch Top Chef on the couch, ok?
So apps are my savior on non-gym days, really. They give me guidance and keep me accountable, and more than anything, they help me not end up as a literal couch potato. That cliche ‘there’s an app for that’ is actually pretty true. There really does seem to be an app for every fitness level, every goal, every preference. From the most detailed data tracking to a simple no-frills approach to workouts you can do anywhere, fitness apps have something for everyone (even you, mailbox walker).
I’ve compiled some of my favorites for you, and even if you’re an avid gym goer, you may find something to add to your arsenal.
Let’s break them down (in no particular order of favoritism):

1. Nike+ Run Club (free):
Good for: runners of all levels.
Features: Track mileage (and earn badges!), get a little extra motivation with the ‘guided runs’ or ‘my coach’ options, encourage other runner friends and challenge yourself with the ‘leaderboard’ chart, and link iTunes jams/playlists up to enjoy on runs.
My favorite part: watching my miles stack up on the landing page.
2. Couch to 5K (free):
Good for: beginner runners.
Features: go at your own pace (literally), sync your playlists, track distance/pace, choose a coach that fits your style to help you stay accountable.
My favorite part: the app’s ability to meet everyone at their individual fitness level and help them be successful.
3. Daily yoga (free to download + in-app subscriptions):
Good for: any level yoga enthusiast.
Features: over 200 guided yoga & pilates classes (at varying levels from beginner to advanced), integrates w/Apple Health to track data, various styles of classes offered, meditation techniques to help train your mind as well as your body.
My favorite part: the scheduled plans based around personal goals (weight control, strength & flexibility, etc).
4. myWOD (free):
Good for: cross-training fanatics.
Features: Crossfit-esque workouts (think: Fran, Murph, etc), section for recording baseline strength measurements in various movements (i.e. back squat, thruster, dead lift, etc), timers for any type of workout.
My favorite part: the variety aspect. Endless challenging options to choose from.
5. Map My Run (free):
Good for: runners + fitness enthusiasts who enjoy tracking data.
Features: Tracking and mapping runs (w/feedback to help with progress), log activities by type of workout (cycling, walking, yoga, etc), syncs with most popular/common apps and wearables (Apple Watch, Garmin, etc).
My favorite part: helps determine the best running routes for your area.
6.Sworkit (free + 30-day-trial, then subscription options):
Good for: busy people (or those needing a little boost of motivation ;)) who still want to prioritize fitness.
Features: Short video workouts that can be done at home, fitness plans for specific goals, pre-created workouts to choose from, or customize your own.
My favorite part: Easy-to-navigate, clean user interface. Choose difficulty level, exact length of time you want to exercise, etc. This app was made to be super user-friendly, so you can’t make any excuses. 😉
7. Strava (free version, or premium for $7/month with additional features):
Good for: cyclists, runners, or swimmers who like detailed data on performance and progress.
Features: sophisticated tracking (with ability to deep dive into statistics and metrics after activity), ‘social network’ for athletes ( post completed activities to your ‘feed’ and interact with friends), massive trail and route resource for cycling or running.
My favorite part: the ‘beacon’ feature that shares real-time location with your emergency contact in case anything goes sideways on your ride or run. Safety first!
8. Freeletics Bodyweight (free version…obviously + subscription options):
Good for: the anti-gym goer.
Features: more than 900 body weight only workout variations – no equipment needed, tutorial videos, ‘The Coach’ subscription options that provide you with a personalized training plan, help define goals, analyze performance, etc
My favorite part: the flexibility factor. No equipment means no restraints on when or where you can do your workout.
Download and get moving!
(*not a sponsored post – I just legitimately love and appreciate these apps as a consumer)
Did I leave your favorite fitness app off the list? Drop it in a comment below and let me know what it is!

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